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The Founder

PARODY TOURS  Travel & Transport Services - 1st. Est. 1941 GIBRALTAR 

PARODY is a Trade Name (Family Name) in business since 1801, 6th. Generation

Sixto A. Parody Sr. (1921 - 1984) founded Parody Tours in 1941 establishing the first

Taxi / Limo Company Service with up to 12 vehicles by 1945, in 1950 he started a

Mini- Coach Transport Company and Travel Agency becoming the leading 'in-coming'

Tour Operator in Gibraltar, by then Sixto was well known as the Original Rock Tour

In 1969 the Spanish Government closed the Frontier with Gibraltar & the day visitor

business was lost overnight, but Sixto found new business to get his family through

these economically hard times, always stating that - the Frontier would open one day.

In 1982 the pedestrian gates were opened, during 1982 - 1983 Sixto made sure that

everything required was put in place, including contracts with the main Tour

Companies, for Parody Tours to be ready to Welcome visitors to the Rock, offering

them the best Tour Sightseeing Packages & Shopping experience. Sixto died in Jan.

1984, inhibiting him to live his vision in full, but his family did.

In Feb. 1985 the Traffic Gates were finally opened, Tourist staying in near by Southern

Spain (Andalucia) could now once again visit Gibraltar in organized Coach Tours.

In 2016 Parody Tours will Celebrate it's 75th. Anniversary, "a tribute to it's founder" and

215 years since Bartolome Parody [1st. Generation], started the first Parody business

on the Rock, "Bartolome Parodi & Sons - Merchants - Gibraltar".

Sixto A. Parody Group Of Companies


Sixto A. Parody


1921 - 1984

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